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Museum Shop-

Anokhi Museum of Handprinting, Jaipur

This small museum shop was designed to sell memorabilia and small souvenirs along with the textiles that the Museum showcases. The displays were created from teak sandstone slabs and carefully placed on top of each other. The stone displays were a good creative alternative to wood as there is a huge termite problem with the restored 300 year old haveli. To display small items, the sandstone top was carved out to create display slots. vertical sandstone slabs along the walls were combined with custom mild steel hangers to display the clothing. A single light tray in the middle creates ambient light through the fabric and focused highlights on the merchandise through focus lamps.

Sandstone Displays
Cash counter
Sandstone detailing
Sandstone carved to make recessed slots
Sandstone Displays
Lighting trays and display
Detail of supports
Outdoor lighting
Outdoor Lamp
Outdoor lamps
Outdoor lamp design
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