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AIKYA ONE - Builder floors
Gurgaon is a young, dynamic, fast paced suburb of the NCR. A quaint village in the 80’s, it has in some sense, shot past Delhi with it’s progressive and aggressive urbanism. Gurgaon represents progress, youth, ambition, dynamism, and modernity. Gurgaonites are young people with modern outlooks. They run marathons, trek in the Himalayas, cycle to work, are well educated, and largely responsible citizens. Leading extremely hectic lives, they aspire peaceful, clean, clutter-free, modern open houses that truly represents them.  Aikya One caters to the true Gurgaon spirit. 

Night with the light
View from front
View from front
looking up
Detail of gates
detail of doors
Detail of stilt doors
House swift installation
House swifts installation
Looking up the shaft
Shaft Mural
Shaft mural and Living
Open kitchen and beyond
Living room
Living and dining
Kitchen and dining
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